Detachment Officials 2023

Commandant Larry Sweerin [email protected]
Sr Vice Commandant Bob Hencken [email protected]
Jr Vice Commandant Dan Titus [email protected]
Adjutant Bob Budner [email protected]
Paymaster Walt Baggott [email protected]
Judge Advocate Edward Engram [email protected]
Sgt at Arms Pete Green [email protected]
Chaplain Don Jarzambek  
Web Sergeant Rich Walsh [email protected]
Marine Corps Reserve Liaison Andrew Burch Jr. [email protected]
VAVS Rep Larry Sweerin [email protected]
Historian Bob Hencken  [email protected]
Scout Coordinator Rich Walsh [email protected]
Scuttlebutt Editor Grace Kalafut [email protected]

The members of Det #879 express their deep appreciation and thanks to all officers and representatives who volunteer to serve.

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